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Company Profile

Softwarelands is an IT company established in 2007 in Europe

Our goal

Provide every family, individual or business the precise solution for their software needs whether for productivity, entertainment, education or to manage data more securely and efficiently.

With our catalog containing 100s of titles in such varied categories as utilities, graphic design, training and games, we seek to bring the best technology has to offer to the greatest number of users.

To achieve this, we do everything possible to ensure smooth, safe software shopping: a user-friendly process in our online stores, secure transactions, responsive customer service for any type of problem once you submit your order.

We have established long and strong business relationships with our partners and suppliers worldwide, they consider us a trusted publisher on multiple sales channels.

What we do

-We focus on selecting and testing the products every day, each product is hand-picked and pretested through quality and security checks before offering it on the site.

-We offer reviews and guides to help our customers find the products they need easily and quickly.

-We save money by offering best prices and discounts.


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