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Electronic Delivery:

1. eMail Delivery (Download)
The digital product will be sent to your email address we receive when you submit the order, delivery may time from few minutes up to 24 hours, some products may take up to 48 hours due to very limited availability
in case of any delays or issues out of our control, we will send a follow up email.

Download Procedure. As soon as your order is processed, you receive an e-mail providing a link that gives you the access to the downloadable file or digital product.



Backup Disc Option. When you order your product, you may have an option to order a “Backup Disc”. This option allows you to receive a custom Disc of the product you have downloaded. This way, you can instantly start using the downloaded product, but also have a backup copy if you ever have to re-install it on your device.



2. Instant Download
Buy Download” Option
You will receive the digital product instantly within few minutes directly from the manufacture, we do not keep any records of your order on our site, the manufacture is 100% responsible of the delivery/support of the product


Refund of Products:

All sales are final since as the products are virtual/digital service. it cannot be returned.
Try before you buy is what we strongly recommend, which helps customers to make an informed purchase decision and avoids the wrong purchase.
There is no functional limitation in free trial versions, and you can purchase the full version after the free trial. provides a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Order cannot be cancelled after the expiry of 30 days.
The 30-day Money Back Guarantee is not an unconditional refund guarantee. Refunds will be available in the following circumstances:

Electronic Product:

Eligible for refund


  • 1. Duplicate purchase
  • 2. Ordered by mistake then followed by ordering the correct product from
  • 3. Fatal purchase, technical or registration issues with the software that could not be resolved within 30 days.
  • 4. For the orders which our suppliers/partners suggests to refund for any purchase, technical or registration issue
  • 5. For the unauthorized transactions that is proved by payment processor such paypal or stripe that its unauthorized transaction.
Circumstances of no refund:


  • 1. Change of mind after purchase without any reason.
  • 2. Part of a bundle.
  • 3. Did not receive order confirmation e-mail and registration code in time, and didn’t try contact us to solve the issue.
  • 4. Request refund for technical trouble, but fail or refuse to cooperate by providing details for troubleshooting such as screenshots and other
    relevant information, or rejects the proposed solutions we provide.
  • 5. Refund request based on dissatisfaction caused by misunderstanding of the product’s functions and capabilities.
  • 6. Purchase of wrong products, followed by the purchase of products outside
  • 7.A refund request due to price change. we hold full rights to price changes and we cannot issue a full refund or partial refund of difference in price
  • 8.Registration failure of the software is caused by customer’s wrong operation, and the registration information is proved to be valid by the manufacture of the product.
  • 9.If a purchase exceeds period of money-back-guarantee 30 days period
10. Refund request based on the complaint that lost data cannot be recovered completely Please be aware that no software can guarantee 100% data recovery because the deleted/lost data can be easily damaged or overwritten. So we highly recommend our users try the data recovery tools before you buy. If customers demanded a refund due to the software not recovering the lost/deleted data completely, we are sorry that no refund will be given as there was a change to try before you buy such product.

Physical Product (Boxed):

Returns of unused (never opened or never installed or activated/registered) in original condition of the product(s) are accepted within 90 days after the purchase, you are responsible for paying any costs associated with returning a product


If the product is defective we may require to provide screen shots and other information to verify that the product is defective or not working, if so will pay associated costs.
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