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iolo Drive Scrubber

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Military grade data eareser, remove sensitive information

iolo Drive Scrubber
iolo Drive Scrubber





Erase Data So It Can NEVER Be Recovered 

  • Patented technology for maximum speed, power and stability
  • Fixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezes
  • Certified virus protection and data security

Whole Home License® for use on all your home PCs

Wipes the entire drive
Secure personal information from prying eyes by securely eliminating data before reselling or recycling your PC.
Cleans and restores drives
Even drives damaged by stubborn spyware and viruses can be cleaned and restored to near-new conditions.


Customizable Tools offer adjustable security levels for wiping the drive, from quick to electron microscopy and magnetic field residue detection shields, giving you total control.
Employs secure wiping methods originally developed for the US Department of Defense to eliminate any possibility of recognition.
Includes scalable options such as batch-wipe, in addition to pause, cancel and resume features, all while leaving drive boot and partition structures.
Other products may take hours or even days to clean drives. DriveScrubber uses the fastest, most optimized wipe methods,while maintaining its proven security strength.

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