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Avanquest MyMailList & AddressBook, Manage Mail List, contacts, personalized labels

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Original price was: $29.28.Current price is: $21.96.

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Operating System: Windows 11 / 10 / 8
License Category: Lifetime

Why Choose MyMailList & Address Book?

Being best selling mail list management software for the last 20 years it is hard to go wrong. With the most reliable software you will be able to use hundreds of professional templates to design your mail or email that you will get no where else. Also, you will be able to print out custom labels, postcards, and envelopes with logos and graphics using the simple interface. Get started today with you copy of MyMailList & Address Book.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, or 11

Avanquest MyMailList & AddressBook, Manage Mail List, contacts, personalized labels
Avanquest MyMailList & AddressBook, Manage Mail List, contacts, personalized labels

Original price was: $29.28.Current price is: $21.96.


Avanquest MyMailList & AddressBook

Quick data entry screen
Imports popular database files
Contains support for international postal codes, countries and provinces
Keeps contact records
Find, categorize, filter and index your list
Eliminate duplicate records
Design custom printouts
Hundreds of label and address book sizes
Multiple envelope and postcard sizes
Text & graphic rotation
Advanced alignment tools
Prints U.S. Postal Service certified POSTNET barcodes
Shrink-to-fit font sizing
Thousands of clip art and photo images
Send personalized emails
New! Mail design wizard
New! Background image support


mml scrn1
New! User Interface

1. Import Popular Database Files
as text files exported from Microsoft® Excel, Access & Visual FoxPro®, ACT® and more. Also, the data entry screen makes entering new information easy and organized. MyMailList & AddressBook contains support for international postal codes, countries and provinces.
mml scrn2
New! Add a background image to your mail design.
2. Design & Print mailing and shipping labels, post cards, envelopes, address books and more. Choose from brands such as Avery®, MySoftware® Forms, PaperDirect® and more. Select from pre-defined templates and you’re ready to print. Or design your own customized labels and envelopes with fonts, colors, logos and other graphics.
mml scrn33. NEW! Mail Design Wizard helps you select the mailing layout to fit your needgos. Or create your own custom size!
mml scrn44. Send Personalized Emails to specific contacts or your entire email list with just a few clicks. Send up to 1,000 emails per hour.

  • Information automatically populates field when sending your email
  • Easily add your targeted email message
  • Create new email messages
  • Add a subject line
  • Spell check your email
  • For delivery of personalized emails, insert fields from your database
  • Preview your email
  • Send your personalized email

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, or 11

Pentium® 133 MHz or better
60 MB hard disk space
Inkjet or laser printer
Internet connection for email feature

**FAQs about Avanquest MyMailList & AddressBook:**

**Q1: What is Avanquest MyMailList & AddressBook?**
A1: Avanquest MyMailList & AddressBook is a powerful software suite designed for efficient contact management, mailing list organization, and personalized communication. It includes features such as a Quick Data Entry screen, support for international addresses, and tools for designing custom printouts.

**Q2: What is the Quick Data Entry screen in MyMailList & AddressBook?**
A2: The Quick Data Entry screen is a user-friendly interface that allows for rapid and easy entry of contact information. It streamlines the process of adding new contacts to your database, ensuring efficiency in managing your mailing lists.

**Q3: Can MyMailList & AddressBook import popular database files?**
A3: Yes, the software supports the import of popular database files, making it convenient for users to bring in existing contact information from various sources seamlessly.

**Q4: Does it include support for international postal codes, countries, and provinces?**
A4: Absolutely. MyMailList & AddressBook is equipped with features to handle international addresses, including support for diverse postal codes, countries, and provinces, catering to users with a global contact base.

**Q5: How does the software help in keeping contact records?**
A5: MyMailList & AddressBook allows users to maintain detailed and organized contact records. This includes the ability to find, categorize, filter, and index lists, ensuring efficient management of large contact databases.

**Q6: Can the software eliminate duplicate records?**
A6: Yes, MyMailList & AddressBook includes tools to identify and eliminate duplicate records, preventing inaccuracies in your contact database and ensuring data integrity.

**Q7: What customization options are available for printouts?**
A7: The software provides advanced customization options for printouts, allowing users to design custom labels, envelopes, and other materials. This includes support for text and graphic rotation, as well as advanced alignment tools.

**Q8: Are there specific label and address book sizes available?**
A8: Yes, MyMailList & AddressBook offers hundreds of label and address book sizes, providing users with a wide range of options to suit their specific printing needs.

**Q9: Does the software support multiple envelope and postcard sizes?**
A9: Certainly. MyMailList & AddressBook caters to diverse printing requirements by supporting multiple envelope and postcard sizes, giving users flexibility in their communication materials.

**Q10: What are the new features in MyMailList & AddressBook, such as the Mail Design Wizard and Background Image Support?**
A10: The Mail Design Wizard is a new feature that simplifies the process of creating and designing mailings. Additionally, the software now supports background images, allowing users to enhance the visual appeal of their communications with personalized graphics.

**Q11: Does the software support U.S. Postal Service certified POSTNET barcodes?**
A11: Yes, MyMailList & AddressBook is equipped to print U.S. Postal Service certified POSTNET barcodes, facilitating compliance with postal requirements and ensuring accurate and efficient mail processing.

**Q12: How does the shrink-to-fit font sizing feature work?**
A12: The shrink-to-fit font sizing feature automatically adjusts the font size to fit the available space on labels or other materials. This ensures that text remains legible while maximizing the use of the available printing area.

**Q13: Are there clip art and photo images available in the software?**
A13: Yes, MyMailList & AddressBook provides access to thousands of clip art and photo images, enabling users to enhance the visual appeal of their printouts and communications.

**Q14: Can the software send personalized emails?**
A14: Certainly. MyMailList & AddressBook supports the sending of personalized emails, allowing users to extend their communication efforts beyond physical mailings to include digital correspondence.


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William L. (United States)
MyMaillist has many options

I have been using MyMaillist for about two weeks and there are many
Options to use in creating different projects. I have created labels from a Christmas List I created and it was pretty easy. I still need to try the Mail Merge

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