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Audials One 2024 Find stream record music movies {Lifetime License}

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Original price was: $89.90.Current price is: $59.90.

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Operating System: Windows 11 / 10 / 8
License Category: Lifetime

– Capture and save your favorite songs from any music streaming service legally and in top quality.
– Browse and search for movies and series from any video streaming service and play them back while recording.
– Record videos in the background and continue using other functions simultaneously.
– Easily schedule and save multiple movies one after the other.
– Browse video platforms directly within Audials and save desired content quickly.
– Edit videos by removing unwanted parts such as trailers, ads, and recaps.
– Automatically detect and remove ads from recorded videos.
– Remove black bars from recorded videos with pixel precision.
– Find subtitles in multiple languages and add them to your recordings during the recording process.
– Set preferred languages for automatic subtitle detection and insertion.
– Enjoy a video player with extra features and subtitles for better understanding of movie plots.
– Capture recordings with Netflix 5.1 surround sound for an immersive cinematic experience.
– Improved GPU encoding for smaller file sizes without compromising video quality.
– Download music faster with an easy-to-use main screen, featuring artists, genres, and top charts.
– Get an enhanced overview of favorite artists, top hits, and trending tracks.
– Discover and download complete discographies of artists worldwide.
– Explore new music through genres, styles, and Audials Charts playlists.
– Download music from all major streaming services and prioritize favorite music sources.
– Effortlessly record music streams in top quality and with precision.
– Create legal copies of music and ensure secure downloads.
– Customize album tags and file names for organized music collections.
– Manage and adjust duplicate versions of tracks easily.
– Enjoy a revamped design and optimized settings for a smooth user experience.
– Audials is highly optimized for Windows 11 while remaining compatible with Windows 10.

Audials One 2024 Find stream record music movies {Lifetime License}
Audials One 2024 Find stream record music movies {Lifetime License}

Original price was: $89.90.Current price is: $59.90.


Audials One 2024

Introducing the Ultimate Streaming Recorder: Discover, Record, Save, Convert, and Enjoy Music, Movies, Radio, and More!

Capture your favorite songs hassle-free from any music streaming service while ensuring legal and top-quality recordings. Enjoy your music collection on all your devices and even create your own movie library!

Web Browser and Recorder for Video Streaming

Audials functions as a convenient web browser, allowing you to search for movies and series across any video streaming service. You can play them back instantly, simultaneously recording the video while you watch. Save the entire movie by selecting “Record from beginning.”

you can record videos in the background allowing you to use other features while recording. This works seamlessly with any video streaming website, making it easier than ever to find and save your favorite services.

Enhanced Recording Scheduler for Faster and Easier Recording

The new web browser in Audials enables automatic saving of multiple movies in succession. Simply search for videos using Audials and add them to your movie list. The recording scheduler will play them in the background, allowing you to download extensive movie collections overnight!

Effortless Video Saving

With the new video streaming browser, you can browse video platforms directly within Audials, making it quick and easy to save all the content you desire. You can also select the format and resolution, including up to 4K quality, with ease.

Streamlined Video Editing

Utilize our brand-new editor to remove unwanted parts from your videos, such as trailers, adverts, and recaps. You can even view and delete individual frames from a movie sequence. Edit your movies, clips, and series effortlessly with just a single click. Only the parts of the video you modify will be re-encoded, ensuring the highest quality.

Automatic Detection and Removal of Ads

When using Audials to record videos, the software automatically detects trailers and ads within the recorded content. These sections are highlighted in the video editor, simplifying the removal process.

Seamless Removal of Black Bars

If your recorded video contains black bars that bother you, Audials allows you to precisely cut them away by zooming in, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

Subtitle Search Engine

Audials features a subtitle search engine, enabling you to find subtitles in nearly any language and add them to your recordings at the perfect time. Never miss any important dialogue in your movies. With a simple click, subtitles are automatically inserted during recording.

Movie Dialogue in Your Preferred Language

Set your preferred languages, and Audials will automatically detect and insert subtitles in your language. Easily switch between subtitle languages for a hassle-free experience. It’s that simple with Audials!

Enhanced Video Player with Subtitles

The video player now includes additional features and displays subtitles to enhance your understanding of the movie plot.

Immersive Netflix 5.1 Surround Sound

Experience unparalleled sound quality and immerse yourself in a cinematic atmosphere. Audials enables you to capture recordings with cinema-quality 5.1 multi-channel audio, even if your PC doesn’t natively support it.

New Video Player with Extra Features

The video player offers a range of additional features, including fast-forward, slow-motion, and a timeline preview. It also displays subtitles to assist in comprehending the movie’s storyline.

Improved Encoder for Efficient Encoding

The GPU encoding in Audials has been significantly improved for compatibility with the latest graphics cards. Experience new, more efficient encoding, ensuring smaller file sizes without compromising quality. Enjoy crystal-clear video quality with Audials.

Faster, Easier, and Safer Music Downloads

Download music effortlessly with Audials’ newly designed, user-friendly main screen, featuring artist, genre, and top chart categories. Browse, edit, and enjoy your personal music collection as well as music from around the world in a simplified format.

Maximize Your Music Experience

Get an enhanced overview of all your favorite artists and be the first to discover top hits and trending tracks. Albums are presented clearly and can be expanded for easy navigation. Instantly play relevant playlists and effortlessly explore similar artists like never before. Audials brings all your music from various storage locations together in one place.

Seamless Music Downloads

Efficiently find and download music with ease. Discover complete discographies of artists worldwide by simply expanding their albums, allowing you to listen or save them instantly. Enhance your music experience with a wide range of playlists for pure enjoyment!

Genres, Styles, and Top Charts

Explore new music from the hottest artists and indulge in the excellent Audials Charts playlists. Unleash your creativity and create your personal style effortlessly. Select artists from your favorite genres and receive suggestions for similar artists and playlists.

Choose Your Preferred Music Sources

Audials allows you to download music from all major streaming services worldwide. Specify your desired sources and even prioritize your favorite music platforms.

Precise and Secure Recordings

Record music streams effortlessly in top quality and with utmost precision. All your favorite features have been enhanced in this new version of Audials.

Secure Music Stream Downloads

Create legal copies of music and monitor whether the streaming service can detect the recording process. We provide helpful tips before recording, allowing you to regain control of your recordings. Ensure data privacy and prevent any unauthorized collection of your data.

Improved Tag Control

Audials offers more options for album tags. You can choose to let Audials search for tags automatically, which will find and save them along with the respective songs. Alternatively, you can manually modify the tags to your preference.

Customize File Names and Recording Folders

Take control of file naming by deciding how Audials should name your recorded files. Apply your customizations to your entire music collection within seconds. You can also define whether Audials should organize your recordings into folders, incorporating information such as artist, song title, album, song number, genre, and more.

User-Friendly Duplicate Management

If you accidentally record duplicate versions of a track, Audials provides easy management and adjustment options. Use features like find, prioritize, or delete duplicate versions to maintain a clean music library.

Revamped Design and Settings

Experience a brand-new design for Windows, menus, and the user interface within the Audials options. Any manual changes have an immediate effect across the software, providing a cohesive user experience.

Optimized for Windows 11

With rounded corners and softer colors, Audials seamlessly integrates with the new Windows 11 design. Extensive testing has been conducted to ensure full functionality with this operating system. Rest assured, Audials is still compatible with Windows 10 as well.

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